Paul M. Edwards(non-registered)
If you want to know about how to Respawn the Ender Dragon. Meanwhile, you can check the article on our website.
Betty B.(non-registered)
I just saw the photos of Julia with the angel imposed of her father. They were amazing!!! I don’t know how you do it but I truly believe that is one aspect of your photography that you definitely need to market. I’m sure there are plenty of people who unfortunately have lost loved ones, and would love to have them imposed in photos as well. Again, your talent in your field is beyond words.
Carol Gillaspy(non-registered)
You have a true gift!! Thank you for answering your true calling and for sharing with and making the world smile!!
Terry Fuller(non-registered)
I saw the angel photos tonight on Fox News' evening show with Shannon Bream of Julia Yllescas with images of her father superimposed onto her graduation pictures. It was one of the best, most moving and heartfelt tributes I've ever seen. I hope you're able to provide her with more of these angels photos when she gets married. Please pass this on to Julia; Thank you, Julia, to you and your family for the sacrifices you've all made for the rest of us. I wish we lived in a world where this didn't happen.Your Father is a Hero and I know he is very proud of his little girl.
What an incredible gift you have given Julia Yllescas. Your photos took my breath away. The other photos you have on your site are just as wonderful!!
Darla Lockhart(non-registered)
These are the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. I especially love the military ones. What you have done with babies and their pictures is astonishing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful works with us.
Sara Hass(non-registered)
Suzanne is one of the best photographers I know she has taken pictures of my daughter every year near her birthday for the last three years and she does an amazing job! She has a very good eye and captures amazing images. She has also done family pictures for us and she does an amazing job with that too. She is so good at getting great photos even if my kiddo isn't cooperating well. I would (and have, many times) highly recommend her as a photographer.
Amy Trout and Darian Trout-Brown(non-registered)
Susanne did a WONDERFUL job on Darian's Senior Pics. My son just had knee surgery in September, and it has been a rough month or so for him. Susanne made him feel comfortable and made it easy for him to get this done. I appreciate her so much for making the day a good one for our Family. We LOVE ALL the pics too. She is definately in the right field of work. So happy we choose you, Susanne!
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