Angel photo $100

 I am offering a photoshop service using two existing photos to create an "angel" photo.

What you will need:

A clear picture of the deceased (the angel)and an original photo (from the camera source it was taken from) that you are wanting to add the angel to. Scanned images or copies of the deceased photo are fine but will not be accepted for the other image. 

The photos must make sense together. For example, if the angel is sitting or standing the people in the photo you want to add him/her to must be doing the same. There must also be enough room in the photo to add the angel (no close ups).  

Cost for editing time and final digital image you can keep for printing is $100. You will receive a proof of the final image for approval before making payment. I accept Venmo, PayPal, or check by mail.  

Please send pictures to [email protected] and any questions you may have.